They were very prompt in showing up for an estimate. Provided us with copies of all of their documents (licenses, etc.) along with a written estimate. Gave us the date they would do the job and showed up right on time. They completed the job in just a few hours. They did a great job on replacing all of the screens, installed new hardware on both patio doors and cleaned out the gutters. We were very pleased and would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to our friends.
Angie's List Reviewer, Angie's List
I was extremely satisfied with the entire experience, from speaking with Mark to schedule our free estimate to the completed job. Our pool enclosure looks absolutely gorgeous now! Not to mention that we are experiencing a whole new level of enjoyment in our outdoor space! No more debris and bugs and with the dog screens in key areas, we should be all set for a long while! Thank you so much for the great work! I will definitely recommend you in a heartbeat!
By the way my neighbor is going to call you guys Here shortly 🙂
Angie's List Reviewer, Angie's List
This company replaced our pool cage screens and installed a dog door for us. Mark was very helpful in making recommendations (for helping us to find the right dog door.)
Angie's List Reviewer, Angie's List
As the owner of an insurance agency I have to be very careful who I recommend to my customers. If I refer my customer to someone who messes up the job then it can really hurt my business. I refer all of my customers to Screen Solutions who need screen repair because when we follow up we hear nothing but praises from our clients.
Richard Vazquez, President,, Artisan Insurance Group
This company did a GREAT JOB replacing the screening on my back porch. They were prompt, professional and affordable. As a local Realtor I intend to refer a lot of people to this wonderful company!
Angie's List Reviewer, Angie's List
His son led the team doing the replacement and I couldn’t believe how quickly and professionally they worked. They showed up on time, worked hard, and were done quickly. My wife and I left for dinner and when we came back we found the old screen in neat little bundles by our garage all ready for the trash, the pool area was spotless, and a brand new screen was installed where just a few hours earlier there was a mess. The doors all work great now — it’s like new!!

I would highly recommend Mark and his crew to EVERYONE.

Angie's List Reviewer, Angie's List
I was very impressed with professionalism of the owner, Mark, during the free estimate process. The two-man crew that came to do the job was punctual, professional and very talented. The quality of the work was top-notch. I have already recommended Screen Solutions to my neighbors and friends.
Angie's List Reviewer, Angie's List



Mark Bourget
Mark BourgetPresident and Owner
Our services cover all aspects of pool screen enclosures and lanai screening, from pressure washing to installation of dog doors. We use Phifer Glass products exclusively. With a product life of 10 to 14 years, Phifer is the industry leader in Quality fiberglass screen.

Screen Solutions won the coveted 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award for consistently maintaining a high level of customer service. Only those companies in the top 5 percent of service companies are given this award. The criteria required for a company to receive the Angie’s List Super Service award is strict and requires an exemplary record of service by the company reviewed. See why our clients love us and our work!
Serving all of Hillsborough County!


Because we do such a high volume of screen replacements, we are able to purchase the highest quality screen materials and pass the savings along to our customers. Our screens are:
• Pet resistant
• Child resistant
• Rust proof
• Stain proof
• Heat-dissipating
• High-strength wind resistant
• 99.999% pest block premium weave
We are the very best rescreeners in the business because we only focus on rescreening. While we don’t build new enclosures, we do one thing, and we do it very well!
The time to complete an average-size pool enclosure is only 4 hours from the time our crew arrives on site.
Obviously, larger enclosure take a bit longer and smaller lanais are super fast.
While screen material is often used as an upgrade by others, we only use the best screen material in ALL of our jobs, included right in the price.

Some simple upgrades we may recommend are based on the way you use the space and whether or not you have children or pets. Most of our customers don’t need any upgrades at all!

Don’t worry about a thing; we’ll handle everything!
We guarantee the very best replacement work and we guarantee our labor. Then, the screens themselves come with their own additional warranties!
• We have over 16 years of experience doing ONLY screen replacements. That means that we are ultra-specialized. Think about it this way; who do you want working on your spine: a spine surgeon or a general surgeon?
• We buy so much screen material in bulk that we are able to provide THE VERY BEST MATERIALS for the same price as the home-depot-cheapo materials being used by 85% of competitors.
• We are licensed, bonded, and insured
Absolutely there is! There are a lot of hobbyists in our industry that can do the job cheaply – both in price and quality, and that’s okay for some customers. For most people, the cheapest option is rarely the best:
• Do you want the cheapest car seat for you child?
• Do you want the cheapest steak you could find for dinner?
• Do you want the cheapest doctor?
• Do you want want to live in the cheapest house?

That also doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg! Ask us for a free quote, you’ll be very happy with what you see!

We’re not the most expensive and we’re not the cheapest either. The second most common comment our customers make about us is that our price is extremely good for the quality of the screens and our work is our number one compliment 😉
Our quotes are free and given to you on-site after a measurement and inspection of the structure. The quote includes a GUARANTEED price and delivery of service.

The worse thing in the world is when you accept a proposal and the contractor changes the price on you mid way because they didn’t properly assess the job (or if they’re just being dishonest). We will never do that to you! The quote we give you is fixed and will not change if your job needs more parts or labor than we estimated.

Screens that are generally fading, curling, or fraying at the edges are indications of weather damage. These screens rapidly becoming weak and at risk in big Florida storms. Leaving these screens unreplaced could cause damage to the pool enclosure or house.

Also consider replacing screens with the addition of a child under the age of 7 or medium sized pet when the screens are more than 3 years old.

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